Smart Website Design

Smart Website Design Isn't Just About Being Pretty!

Website design today is not just about pictures and images. Websites today are complicated, and need to be responsive as they are no longer just being accessed by a desktop, but on smartphones, phablets and tablets. A website needs to be designed and planned to be viewed on a small screen like on mobile phone to a wall sized screen.

The website has to adapt to the device it is being viewed on, not the other way around, your visitor having to adapt to what you consider is normal. Your visitors need to be provided with a great user experience. You have about 30 seconds OR LESS to make an impact!

Site Engagement

Once you've got a visitor to your website, how do you keep them there? The answer depends on what engages your visitor. Implementation of online engagement strategies can set your website apart from that of the competition and as a result grab and hold a visitor's attention instead of having them leave your site for someone else.

What has happened today is that online consumption has increasingly become visual, to the point that visitors often do not read anymore, or very little, and make instantaneous decisions to stay on a website simply by the imagery that come up. What this means is that not only does your website design has to be your best foot in the door, high quality, and download quickly.

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Not every website is the same. If you want to engage visitors on your website, call us to today to discuss your particular needs.